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Tim who? 

wtf???? i need live feeds because like wut this is not what they show on tv


Tim who? 

wtf???? i need live feeds because like wut this is not what they show on tv

Someday, this beach might wash away, the oceans may dry, the sun could dim, but on that day, I’ll still be loving you. Always and forever. 

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Anonymous asked: around how much did you make for third channel

it depends on which brand you’re assigned to i think. i got paid $6.25 for every cosmo subscription sold and there is no limit to how many you can sell.

Anonymous asked: is third channel legit?

Yes! I worked for them for the 2013-14 school year. I was a Cosmo rep. We had a Facebook group for the program and some Cosmo employees interacted with us on a daily basis.

Anything specific you wanted me clear up?

Anyone looking for an internship/campus representative position this fall at school (UConn or any other school)? They’re mostly sales, marketing, and merchandising positions, but your major doesn’t matter. Plus you get some cash compensation!

You could be a representative for Under Armour, Oakley, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, New York Times, or Braven speakers.

It’s not a complicated program to be a part of, and it looks awesome on your resume. If you’re interested, apply here: www.thirdchannel.com/agents/info

(If it asks who referred you just message me if you don’t know my full name.)

How come on big brother they don’t make the eliminated contestants black and white like they used to in the intro?


kids have grown up here. i should know, i was one of them. the truth is that a town’s identity is made of places like this one and once they’re gone, they’re gone. a lot of lost kids found their way to something better in this park, in a confusing world, at a confusing time in their lives. they found something that made sense here and they became better people because of it.

i think i’ll write a book titled “cover letters: what’s the point?”

but it’s not a “how to find a job” kind of book

it’s a “finding a job is annoying and here’s a novel of me complaining about cover letters, mostly”

i h8 u all. how didn’t a single person like my post with all those dumb pics of my cat sleeping?

A collection of photos of my kitty in strange sleeping positions.

sort of missing uconn a lot already

don’t graduate, kids

i got a little deep into the internet and found this list…

10. In 17th century Connecticut, masturbators were eligible for the death penalty. Yet another reason why I don’t live in Connecticut.”