i'm a one (wo)man show

Feeling 22.
UConn Senior.
Cosmo Magazine Rep.
Tree hugger.


officially sick and dying

can’t let this stop me from celebrating these last few weeks of collegeĀ 

Stretch it out, Bailey Ralph.

Stretch it out, Bailey Ralph.


i don’t normally have allergies but i am wishing so hard that this is allergies because i cannot be sick this week. too much to do.

it is impossible to get anything school related done at home

i dont know how commuters do it

i wish i were one of those people who could be friends with everyone but the truth is that i hate most people

i’ve been researching infidelity for most of the night

just read an article that said some people consider infidelity to include fantasies you have in your mind

like????? cheating on your significant other with your imagination?????