i'm a one (wo)man show

Feeling 22.
UConn Alumna.
Tree hugger.


why is my macbook pro fan at 0rpm?! My cat knocked my computer to the ground the other day and it shut off….so I’m assuming that’s when the fan stopped working. It gets SO hot now and I don’t want to/cannot pay big bucks to fix this. help?

i just watched a youtube video on how to fix the fan inside your macbook and basically they said punch right above the F7 key so i’ve been sitting her punching my macbook and it didn’t work but i do have a red knuckle

honestly i’ve probably applied to the same job twice from different websites

i had to take a trip to walmart or target and i decided to go to walmart even though i hate it and i ended up seeing my ex-friend/avery point roommate’s mother and it was hella awkward.

what did we learn today kids?

don’t go to walmart.

I don’t understand why people ask me how I get my protein when they hear I don’t eat meat.

Like are you concerned for my health? Are you hoping I give a bad answer so you can laugh at me?

Thanks for asking but I’m educated on what has protein in it and I’ve get it covered.

I don’t ask meat eaters if they get enough vegetables in their diet so why do they care if I’m substituting meat well enough?



I was actually laughing a lot at everyone’s except Frankie’s